Crypto OS was born out of the need for an Easy-To-Use, Secure, Linux-based and Open Source solution for purchasing, storing and sending cryptocurrency with.

Even expert computer users and system administrators would be hesitant to say "I am 100% sure my system is safe, secure and not compromised".  This is because new vulnerabilities for OS, Kernel Level exploits and applications are discovered each day.

By having a completely separate OS and environment that comes pre-secured and with the wallets already there it gives you enterprise level security without having to be a cybersecurity and system administration expertise.

One of the most common losses of cryptocurrency, aside from user error (eg. losing your private keys, passphrase etc..) is by getting phished or infected with a virus, or fake wallet that steals your keys.

The creator, Areeb Soo Yasir was born and raised in Canada with a passion for technology. He has been in the Tech industry for over 2 decades, focusing on cybersecurity, privacy and helping companies with their tech needs.

He founded and is the current CEO of Techrich.hk (a few years after founding Compevo.com), to serve the Asian markets with secured reliable cloud solutions without 3rd party backdoors.

Areeb is also Faculty at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) at one of Canada's best technical schools for Computer Sciences, and continues to be an advocate for privacy on the net and an open free internet, for everyone.

The CryptoDisc can be showed to your spouse or partner to ensure how to use or maintain it should something happen to you. It can give an added layer of security knowing that your family has a way to get to your crypto investment and use it.

" I created this disc for myself initially, for security and ease of use, but I wanted it to be something my wife could learn should the unthinkable happen to me. It takes a lot of time and computer savvy to set up your own environments and wallets, so I started to make the CryptoDisc. After  a few friends lost big time in the QuadrigaCX incident, I realized that there are perhaps others who could benefit from this disc. They were technically savvy people but the Exchange was just easier to do. Obviously no Exchange is 100%  secure, hacks happen often and that's a risk you take with them.
This disc is not like Hardware wallets, where there could have vulnerabilities or software running in the back.
The CryptoDisc is a live CD I made that is fully installable, you keep your crypto in your own wallets with your own keys and completely in your control. And with investments like cryptocurrency why would you even play around with safety. I made the CryptoDisc free for a reason, so nobody has to think about the price, there is just affiliate links, use them if you like to, don't use them if you don't. But use this CryptoDisc when you're storing your crypto and keep that important investment in your control."
- Areeb Soo Yasir